10 mile league update 10/04

The “10 mile league” update. With the new course Shelton/Elston up and running results are showing to be faster than the Flawborough course.

The first event, 3 april was a dull cold evening 12 riders tested the course with Liam Foster showing that winter training does pay off.

Results for 03/04 Liam Foster 24:53, Jonathan Birkin 26:48, Anthony Swaby 27:00, Ivan Bass 28:03, Mathew Pearce 29:01, Paul Cregg 29:37, Mark Swaula 31:36, Nathan Priestley 32:07, Zoe Sawula 35:11, Will Hodgetts 36:29. Martin Roche and Rebecca Richards DNF.

The second event on 10/04 was a much warmer and brighter night, 8 riders competed for the honours with the League Leader Liam Foster not riding.

Results 10/04      Dave Edlin 25:20, Tony Swaby 26:35, Jon Birkin 26:38, Alf Davies 26:57, Alan Fletcher 28:27, Marton Jackson 29:47, Mark Swaula 31:48. Matt Bailey DNF after sliding around the half way point turn.

The League  as after two rides.  1st. Tony Swaby 18pts,  2nd. Jon Birkin 13pts, 3rd. Mark Swaula, Liam Foster, Dave Edlin all on 4pts, 6th. Ivan Bass, Alf Davies both on 1pt

Shelton Time Trial Course – Registered Course A10/37C

  1. At tree 389 metres North-East of Flawborough – Shelton crossroads
  2. Shelton Village
  3. Wensor Bridge junction
  4. Straight on (Junction on LEFT to Sibthorpe)
  5. Elston Village
  6. Course crosses over A46
  7. Eden Hall Island, turn point
  8. Retrace steps – Course crosses over A46
  9. Elston Village
  10. Straight on (Junction on RIGHT to Sibthorpe)
  11. Wensor Bridge junction
  12. Shelton Village
  13. Retrace past start
  14. TURN LEFT at Flawborough Crossroad
  15. Finish at tree approx. 225 yards on left

New Shelton T.T. Course