Flawborough 10 mile TT 11th August 2016 Results

Flawb – 10 mile – 11th August 2016
1st Jack Levick 22:36
2nd James Storr 24:13
3rd Jez Willows 26:00
4th Matthew Bailey 26:29
5th Nathan Priestley 29:17

Flawborough 10 mile TT results 4th August 2016

Flawb – 10 mile – 4th August 2016
1st Jack Levick 22:33
2nd Llewey Byrne 23:30
3rd James Storr 24:19
4th Dave Millar 25:22
5th Alf Davies 26:21
6th Sarah Burke 27:21
7th Nathan Priestley 27:22
8th Sam Thornton 29:20

Junior Coaching – holiday and change in location

Dear Members,
I can confirm that we have now had our last coaching session at the Lilley and Stone site.

The Committee met this week and agreed a new temporary location for coaching sessions ahead of us moving to the new cycle track at the Sports Hub.

The new location will be North Muskham Village Hall / Sports Field.

 As this is a completely new location, we will need some time to vacate Lilley and Stone and move all of our equipment to North Muskham. 

With that in mind, we think it is best to now take the first 4 weeks of August as a break from coaching (we had previously communicated the last 2 weeks of August as a holiday).

We will meet again Tuesday 30th August 18:30 at North Muskham.  More will follow on the new venue, but parking is at the front of the hall, walk round to the left of the building and our signing in desk will be in one of the changing rooms at the rear.  We will then be coaching on the large field to the rear of the Hall.

Please bear with us whilst we move the club, and we look forward to seeing you after the break – have great summer.

Kind regards,


Newark Castle Cycling Club

Chairman and Coach

Tel : 07747 4566123


Flawborough 10 mile TT 14th July 2016

Flawb – 10 mile – 14th July 2016
1st Neil Kirk 23:05
2nd Blake Cowley 24:36
3rd Jez Willows 25:51
4th Matt Waterfield 26:21
5th Sarah Burke 27:40
6th Phil Hardwick 27:40
7th Matt Silk 27:43

Muskham/Ollerton/Muskham “Hardride” TT 7th July 2016

Muskham – Ollerton – Muskham
7th July 2016
1st Neil Kirk 00:52:00
2nd James Storr 00:56:23
3rd Matt Waterfield 00:58:24
4th Jez Willows 01:02:37
5th Matt Silk 01:05:36
6th Sam Thornton 01:10:50
7th Paul Beaumont 01:11:19