Children In Need

Hi All

As you will know It is Children In Need this week and we as NCCC are doing our bit.

We are having a turbo training session at  Waitrose Supermarket on Saturday 15 Nov.

The list of riders for the day is

  1. Callum Baker.  09:00  09:45  10:30  11;15.
  2. Harry Jenkins.   09:00   09:45.
  3. Matt Pearce.   09:00   09:45.
  4. Paul Beaumont   09;00   09;45   10;30
  5. Emma Lucas   09:00.
  6. Nathan Priestley   09;00.   14;15
  7. Toby Hyde-Barker   09;45   10;30   11:15   12:00.
  8. Finlay Hyde-Barker   09;45   10;30   11;15   12;00.
  9. Will Hodgetts   10:30   11;15
  10. Matt Wooley   10;30   11;15
  11. Milo Sawula   12;00   12;45
  12. Mark Sawula   12;00   12;45
  13. Harry Stokes   12;45   13;30   14;15
  14. Henry Key   12;00   12;45   13;30
  15. Paul Stokes   12;45   13;30
  16. Iain McKinlay   13;30   14;15
  17. Ivan Bass   13;30   14;15
  18. Finley Bass   13;30   14;15
  19. Elliot Barnes   14;15
  20. Joe Ward 14;15

Can all riders arrive in plenty of time to change and warm up.


Good luck for the event to you all

Week Ahead

Hi All

This time of the year BBC hosts the “Children in Need” charity event.

We as Newark Castle Cycling Club are going do our bit and help raise money for this deserving charity.

We with the help of Waitrose Supermarket will be taking our Turbo Trainers to Waitrose supermarket on Saturday Nov 15th for a marathon training session

The Training session will begin at 09;00 and finish about 15;00. Eight turbo will be set up for riders.

Junior club night

Sorry it is short notice but we have decided due to the high windy conditions it is not considered safe for riders who are out on the school field.

So club will be cancelled for those of you out on the field.

Club night will be as normal for those of you who are on the turbo trainers in the hall.

2014 “10”League results

After a season long competition of 19 events only points separated the top 4 riders.

With Alan Fletcher confirming his position at the top of the leader board on the last event and Matt Pearce  missing out on a possible title with a catastrophic mechanical breakdown and Sarah Burke with  a dramatic chase of the leaders in the last 5 events made for a compelling last 2 events for this year.

Final Results
Position Name Points
1 Alan Fletcher 80pts
2 Matt Pearce & Sarah Burke 76pts
4 Liam Foster 74pts
5 James Storr 60pts
6 Dave Edlin 55pts
7 Will Hodgetts & Nathan Priestley 46pts
9 Mark Sawula & Milo Sawula 43pts
11 Alf Davies 40pts
12 Callum Baker 39pts
13 Matt Bailey 32pts
14 Tony Swaby 31pts
15 Ian Russell 30pts
16 Jon Birkin 28pts
17 Zoe Sawula 27pts
18 Blake Cowley 18pts
19 Darren Short 15pts
20 Neil Forman 10pts
21 Tony Ablewhite 5pts
22 Paul Cregg 4pts
32 Ivan Bass 2pts

League Results

What a night we had.

Thursday 4th Sept was the last club “10” of the year and last counting event for the league title.

With 4 riders on the edge of winning the title it was to be an interesting and tense affair.

The night had it’s moments from the ridiculous to the sublime to the catastrophic and two course records.

A new course record for the tandem was established by team Sawula, with Mark  steering and Zoe as stoker(rather reluctantly) a ridiculous time of 35;08 was recorded, not the fastest time but a record all the same!!!.

The second course record was by Adam Gascoine taking Ian Russell’s record down to 21;19 a sublime ride in not perfect conditions.

The 2 of the 4 leading league title contenders accepted the challenge for the last points of the season to give them the title Alan Archer was in the lead and had to be dislodged for any of the four to win. Matt Pearce was on a mission to claw back the deficit ready and biting on the handlebars. Matt had a catastrophic mechanical breakdown on his ride which put him out of the running half way through the event and had to coast to the finish, hoping against all hope to salvage some points.

It was not to be

Alan not knowing was happening to the rival waited and waited and then started to think the title would be his.

It was, and gaining 2 points in the quest

League champion for 2014 Alan Fletcher

The Results “10” 4 Sept 14

  1. James Storr 24;04
  2. Tony Abblewhite 24;21
  3. Alan Fletcher   28;59
  4. Darren Short   29;05
  5. Nathan Priestley  29;21
  6. Milo Sawula    29;38
  7. Matt Pearce   30;21 MP
  8. Team Sawula (tandam) 35;08 CR


  1. Adam Gascione 21;19 CR
  2. Phil Hardwick  27;29

League Results

  1. Alan Fletcher  80pts
  2. Matt Pearce & Sarah Burke  76pts

4.  Liam  Foster 74pts

5. Dave Edlin  55pts

Full list to follow