Grand Prix de Gentlemen results,

Congratulations to all our teams for their endeavour,courage and all out determination for completing the 10 mile course with the aged “P” holding them back.

Congratulations must go to Joe Ward, Harry Stokes, Nathan Priestley and Milo Sawula for their hard work and guidance to return there aged “P” to the finish in one piece.

The results were somewhat irrelevant in the context of the overall event.

Well done to them all.

The older members of the fraternity took the event in their stride and showed what they can  achieve when in a team and with a common goal.

Position Names Time
1 Dave Edlin & Liam Foster 23:37
2 Dave Rawson & Paul Cregg 28:58
3 Milo & Mark Sawula 29:27
4 Ashley Cowley & Oliver Saunders 29:34
5 Harry & Paul Stokes 30:44
6 Nathan & Steve Priestley 32:28
7 Joe & Ian Ward 41:47



What is  the GHS ???

GHS “10″ a specific national TT competition for Boys & Girls up to the age of 17.

The most prestigious TT competition on the Junior and school boys/girls calendar.

Riders must have attained the age of 12 on the day of the event and the age of 17 on the 31st Aug. The event is at Matlock on Sunday 3rd Aug 2014. Entries on GHS specific entry forms from CTT web site. All finishers will receive a certificate and medal.

Grand Prix de Aged “P”

More tips for the event.


  1. No automated electric chairs will be allowed to strat.
  2. All “aged P;s medication must be disclosed  before the start.
  3. Bullying of “Aged P” to ride faster will not be permitted.
  4. The total age of the team must not exceed 100years
  5. A full set of rules will be available on the NHS Helpline




League Results Thursday 26 June

  1. Blake Cowley     24;30
  2. Dave Edlin           24;57
  3. Callum Baker     26;27
  4. Alf Davies            26;36
  5. Tony Swaby      26;48
  6. Matt Pearce       27;19
  7. Alan Fletcher   27;41
  8. Ivan Bass          29;05
  9. Paul Cregg       29;15
  10. Paul Stokes    31;03
  11. Dave Rawson 31;17
  12. Harry Stokes  33;45
  13. Will Hodgetts 34;57

Guest Riders

  1. Pete Watson    24;18


  1. Alan Fletcher   78pts
  2. Liam Foster      65pts
  3. Will Hodgetts   46pts
  4. Nathan Priestley 44pts
  5. Mark Sawula      43pts
  6. Matt Pearce        36pts
  7. Dave Edlin           33pts
  8. Callum Baker     32pts
  9. Jon Birkin            28pts
  10. Zoe Sawula         27pts
  11. Tony Swaby        24pts
  12. Ian Russell           14pts
  13. Matt Bailey           13pts
  14. Neil Forman         10pts
  15. Milo Sawula           9pts
  16. Blake Cowley         8pts
  17. Alf Davies                 4pts
  18. Paul Cregg               2pts
  19. Ivan Bass,James Storr   1pt

Guest league 

  1. Dave Herd       Witham Whs  20pts
  2. Pete Watson   Witham Whs  17pts
  3. Llewey Byrne  Arrow Cycles  9pts
  4. Martin Hedley,Simon Draper,Ashley Cowley  4pts