August Club Info

We are now approaching  cycling’s transition part of the year, the bit  between Road Racing/ TT and cyclo cross, so , on our next club session ( Tuesday 2nd Sept)we will be Cyclo Cross Training.

Bring the appropriate machine for the session .

Session Starts at 6;30and finishes at 7;30

Prompts for the week

Only Two 10′s left to ride, 28th Aug starting at 19;00 & 4th Sept starting at 18;30 on the Shelton Course.

The League winner this year must come from one of only four riders, with a span of only 11points  (67 to 78 points) between the four. The outsider of the four must be Sarah Burke with 67pts, Sarah is the first lady to be in the mix for a generation.

The Club Hill Climb Championship will be run on the dreaded Terrace Hill course again. Immortalised by Simon Warren book as “Terrace Hill best satisfies the criteria for a great climb”. Only 2 minutes plus riding will give the winners status the trophy and sore legs as well as breathing difficulties for the rest of the day. Good Luck.

Up for grabs are:- Senior Champion, Junior Champion, Vets Champion and Ladies Champion

Hill Climb will take place on Sunday 7th Sept Start 10;00

2-up Ten Results.

2-up Ten Results

Five hardy teams took to the road on Thursday for the last 2-up Time Trial of the season. The conditions were far from perfect with the temperature showing a marked reduction giving riders little scope for fast times.

Two father & son teams competed, Ivan & Finlay Bass recorded 36;02 just 2 weeks after Finlay’s 9th Birthday, an outstanding performance for the team. The Team Stokes of Paul & Harry completed the course in 30;33. That time was a substantial improvement for both riders (as individuals). Well done to both teams on outstanding rides.

The senior teams results

  1. James Storr & Matt Bailey   24;10
  2. Dave Edlin &Tony Swaby     24;52
  3. Dave Rawson &Paul Cregg   29;23
  4. Darren Short (billynomates)29;43

No change to the standings in the League this week.


Club “10″and League Results

Ten Results for Thursday 14 Aug 14


  1. Ian Russell   22;43
  2. Oliver Saunders   24;24
  3. James Storr   25;19
  4. Alf Davies   26;00
  5. Ivan Bass   28;36
  6. Paul Cregg   29;58
  7. Milo Sawula   30;00
  8. Darren Short   30;11
  9. Dave Rawson   30;21
  10. Mark Sawula   31;26
  11. Zoe Sawula   34;10

Alan Fletcher is tentatively hanging onto his 3point lead (78pts) over an improving Matt Pearce with 75pts, whilst Liam Foster is only a further 3points in arrears of Matt with 72pts.

With only 3 counting events left, any of the three leading riders can take the title.

Sarah Burke making a late challenge to join the top 3 is only 11 points off Alan’s lead. Which of the three (or four) will take the title???.

League as at Thursday 14 Aug

  1. Alan Fletcher   78pts
  2. Matt Pearce     75pts
  3. Liam Foster      72pts
  4. Sarah Burke     67pts
  5. Dave Edlin        49pts
  6. Nathan Priestley =Milo Sawula   48pts

8.   Will Hodgetts    46pts

9.   Mark Sawula    43pts

10.  Alf Davies      40pts

11.   Callum Baker 39pts

12.   Matt Bailey   32pts

13.   Tony Swaby   31pts

14.   Ian Russell   30pts

15.   Jon Birkin   28pts

16.   Zoe Sawula   27pts

17.   James Storr   24pts

18.   Blake Cowley   18pts

19.   Neil Forman   10pts

20.   Paul Cregg   4pts

21.   Ivan Bass   2pts



Weekly Promts

Club Ten Results Thursday 7th Aug

  1. Dave Edlin  23:49
  2. Alf Davies   25:45
  3. Matt Bailey 26:03
  4. Matt Pearce 26:07
  5. Tony Swaby 26:30
  6. Milo Swaby  29:31
  7. Alan Fletcher 26:49
  8. Darren Short  29:33
  9. Nathan Priestley 29:53
  10. Dave Rawson  30:17
  11. Mark Sawula   30:52

Remaining club “10′s”

Only 4 club events left.  14, 21, 28 Aug & 4th Sept. The last event  (4thSept) will start at 6:30.  All remaining 10′s will be on the Elston Course, due to the uncertenty of the road works on the Flawborough course.

There will be another 2-up evening “10″ on Thursday 21 Aug. Pick your partner or bring along a parent. This event is aimed at the younger riders to experience a10mile TT with an adult.

One more championship to be decieded is the Club Hill Climb Champion, for Seniors, Vets and Juniors. As usual on Terrace hill starting 10:00 Sunday 7th Sept